Agile Delivery.
Resilient Products.

Secure supply of high quality pallets and wooden packaging is critical to keeping your supply chain moving.

Our supply chain network is focused on building partnerships across Europe to source, recover and recondition pallets and wooden packaging so that they are available for reuse on demand. We deploy automation in all of our conditioning centres to further enhance this security of supply and pallet quality for our customers across the network, removing risk, reducing cost and limiting production downtime, regardless of seasonal demand.

All you want, and more.

It all begins with a constantly-evolving and increasingly-automated production process across our conditioning centre network. This ensures supply of new and reconditioned pallets and packaging that are:

Industry Standard

We provide pallets and wooden packaging that meet all industry standards, covering EPAL, UIC, DNV, ISPM15 and CP specifications, alongside bespoke units.

Quality Assurance

All of our reconditioned products go through a rigorous inspection and maintenance process every time they come into our service centres, while new products are factory assured.

Heat Treatment

We operate our own heat treatment kilns across our network to meet ISPM15 standards for exports to countries outside the EU.

Account Management

Our dedicated account management team is focused on providing a world-class customer experience and delivering on your specific objectives.

Expertise On-demand

Some of the industry’s most experienced and knowledgeable professionals are always on hand to find new ways to build better solutions for you, our customers.

Customer service

Our customers service teams are available to support every day, ensuring that your pallets and wooden packaging operation is as smooth and efficient as possible.

Industry standard

Standard Euro 1200×800mm

Primarily used for the storage and movement of products in all sectors, and is the preferred pallet size across Europe.

Standard UK 1200x1000mm

Ideal for the storage and movement of products in all sectors and is the preferred pallet size in the UK, while also being widely used in Europe for industrial products.

½ Pallet 800x600mm

Designed for in-store fulfilment and the display of fast-moving goods to reduce handling costs, speed up replenishment and increase sales.

¼ Pallet 600x400mm

Specifically designed for promotional points of display instore, to drive product sales and enhance brand positioning.


An effective solution to increase storage capacity and enhance product protection for loose components on a pallet and during supply chain transitions. They fold down after use, saving 87% of space, and are available in 1200x800mm, 800x600mm and 1200×1000 sizes.

Custom products

For customers requiring bespoke wooden pallets or packaging, our team of experts will work with you to find an optimal specification and design, to ensure we supply you with new, quality assured units based on your exact need. All are produced to order, subject to agreed lead times.

All your pallet needs taken care of.