More of what you need, less of what you don’t.

We know that to build an agile, resilient, and sustainable supply chain takes more than just a pallet or wooden packaging, and that’s why we developed a range of sustainable pallet management and supply chain solutions.

Our solutions can operate either individually or collectively through our Integrated Solutions Services, where we can combine multiple services, working collaboratively with each customer to meet your unique objectives.

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On-site Services

Asset Management

Logistics Management

More efficiency, less cost.

Our On-Site Services underpin our commitment to working with our customers to build more efficient and sustainable supply chains, with them insourcing our expertise to their production and logistics facilities where we become an integral part of their supply chain.

On-site service menu

  • Pallet and wooden packaging handling and inspection
  • Pallet and wooden packaging reconditioning
  • Supply of flexible operatives such as forklift drivers and warehouse staff to work as integrated members of your team
  • Vendor managed inventory and demand planning

You benefit from:

  • Reduced handling and storage costs
  • Reduced logistic costs and lower CO₂ emissions
  • More flexibility on pallet demand volumes based on real-time need
  • A closer partnership with direct communication and fast response times
  • Increased efficiency enabling your teams to focus on what they do best

More simplicity, less complexity.

Managing pallets, wooden packaging and other load carriers across your entire supply chain can be extremely complex and resource heavy with inventory management, reverse logistics, procurement and planning to consider.

It’s why we have developed our Asset Management solution where we effectively manage all of the inventory, flows and demand planning for your pallets, wooden packaging, and other load carriers.  We are able to integrate these solutions with our logistics and On-site Services for a true end-to-end supply chain solution.

You benefit from:

  • Best in class Asset Management IT solution with EDI connectivity
  • Experienced team of dedicated asset managers for your supply chain
  • Increased visibility and planning, with on demand reporting and analysis
  • Reduction in overall costs and improved sustainability
  • Insourcing of Asset Management expertise allows you to focus on what you do best

More full trucks, less emissions.

There are natural imbalances that occur in the supply chain, creating surplus pallets and wooden packaging, as well as empty vehicles, containers and rail freight carriages moving across Europe.

Working with our customers and partners, we support the rebalancing and reuse of pallets and wooden packaging units, moving them in full truck loads to where they are needed across Europe. We do this by utilising available empty vehicles in the supply chain, meaning we don’t add any unnecessary vehicle movements. Removing truck miles and CO₂ emissions as a result, we are leading the drive towards a carbon Net Zero future.

For domestic logistics, our vehicles are routed to run with the shortest possible miles and are optimised to do collections on all return journeys.

You benefit from:

  • Logistics designed to meet your needs, covering full and part load solutions, domestically and across Europe
  • Tailored collection engine to recover your pallets and wooden packaging
  • On site stand trailers to reduce collection and delivery time and costs
  • Optimised vehicle routing to reduce vehicle C02 emissions, supported world class Transport Management System (TMS) platform
  • Collaborative logistics solutions for inbound and outbound movements to reduce overall costs

We’re not just problem solvers.