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As a continental leader operating across 12 countries and supporting more than 2,000 customers, we are proud to drive your supply chain transformations. Our supply and recovery of pallets and packaging, asset management, on-site services and sustainability solutions keep your capacities optimised, your overheads down and your green goals on track.



We have the capacity and capability to supply any quantity of new or reconditioned pallets and wooden packaging to either standard or custom specifications. All are manufactured and maintained to the highest standards across our European service centre network, meeting your production requirements and volumes every time.



The purchase of excess inventory is a key solution for our customers. It provides a valuable source of revenue, while allowing pallets and wooden packaging to be recovered, reconditioned, and then reused across multiple supply chains. It’s the best way to reduce costs while driving the circular economy.



We have the capability and capacity to supply a wide range of standard and bespoke wooden pallets and packaging to meet your supply chain requirements across Europe and beyond.


Efficiency by design, sustainability as standard

On-site Services

Asset Management

Logistics Management


Square in design,
circular by nature

Our commitment to the circular economy through the recovery and reuse of millions of pallets each year helps our customers reduce costs, waste, and CO₂ emissions across their supply chains, supporting their drive towards Net Zero.

Our wider ESG commitment promises to protect our planet, our people and our communities.


tonnes of CO₂ reduced per year due to transport optimisation


tonnes of wood recycled per year, equal to 6.3mil pallets


tonnes of wood placed back into the circular economy per year

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